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10 smart life hacks for your home

It's up to us to make our lives easier and there are many ways to do so! The one place where things should be simple and easy to find and use is our home, so we want to show you some hacks. The one thing that you should always remember is that you should stay as organized as you can and don't clutter your stuff. It's easier to put one thing in its place, than to wait for more to gather and then start cleaning up. So here are a few other ideas that might help you.

1. Label everything: it's easy and in the long term it will help you a lot. Start with the bottles and the jars in the kitchen and pantry, and the boxes you might have in your bedroom or bathroom. Also this is great for you kids room, where you can label the containers for different things like toys or crayons.

2. Hang your phone: most of us have problems finding our phone chargers but here is a great idea that you can try. Transform a baby bottle in a phone holder and hang it with the help of the charger. Now the phone charger will be in one place and you will always know where to find it. If you want something more fancy, use a pocket from an old jeans.

Jeans pocket

3. Color your keys: if you have many keys and you don't always know which one is which, you can resolve this problem with the help of nail polish. Just paint to upper side of the key in one color and so you will always know which key you need.

4. Put old newspapers on the bottom of the garbage bin: this way all the food juices will be absorbed and the bin will not get dirty.

5. Use a hanging shoes rack to store your cleaning products: you can hang it on the back of the door and this will not only keep them organized, but also away from the kids.

6. Sick of having a box full of cables? Fix this problem by using the cardboard roll from the toilet paper. Put each cord into a roll and then place them all in a shoes box.

7. Stack all you clothes vertical: when you put your clothes like the t-shirts in a drawer, you can stack the vertical and this way you will always see them all when you need to choose one.

8. Clear nail polish is a great help in your home. You can secure many things with clear nail polish, from screws, to bolts to buttons.

9. Use an old tissue box as a dispenser for your grocery bags. This idea will help you gain more space and will also keep all you bags in one place.

10. If you need a funnel and you don't have one in your kitchen, just use a plastic bottle. Cut off the bottom side and there you go, you have a perfect funnel.

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