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How to create a beautiful shabby chic living room

Shabby chic is by far one of the most popular home styling designs and it's easy to see why. Not only it is pretty easy to create a shabby chic room but it also looks great. And even though this style is not everyone's cup of tea, I think that creating a shabby chic decor in your home can completely change the image of your house.

When we think about shabby chic we think about old things, that have character and style but most of all, have a story to tell. Also the colors are very important so if you want to stay true to this style you should go for pastel colors but also white and gray. Prints and patterns are also very popular when it comes to shabby chic so make sure you have some too. You can use them for your curtains, pillows and rugs and why not, for a cute wallpaper for the walls.

If you plan to create a shabby chic living room then make sure you find some furniture that is full of character. Use fabric, flower vases, beautiful frames or a big chandelier for the decor but make sure they go well with everything else you have in the room. Try not to over crowd the room but bring only the things you really need. And in the gallery below you will find some great ideas on how to create a shabby chic living room that I hope will inspire you too!

(photo source: Pinterest)

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