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KraftMaid cabinets are the perfect choice for your kitchen

Designing your perfect kitchen can be quite hard but finding the right furniture is equally complicated. Even though the internet in full of ideas, you must find something that fits the space but also your style, your personality and your needs.

When you buy furniture for your kitchen, choose the color and the material that you like the most, that also has a great quality. Go on line and read the opinions of other people who already bought what you are thinking to purchase and go in different shops to see everything they have to offer.

One of our favorite brands when it comes to kitchen furniture is KraftMaid. Over the years they have gained a name in the furniture industry by creating beautiful, modern and sleek furniture that will completely change any kitchen. The KraftMaid cabinets are made with great precision and the best part is that you can design them yourself, keeping in mind your storage needs.

When choosing the cabinets for your kitchen think not only about their shape or size, but also about the wood they are made from, the storage space they offer and even about the details of each door. KraftMaid cabinets have three types of cabinets:

• Custom or Shop Built Cabinetry

• Semi-Custom Cabinetry

• Stock or Production Cabinetry

So what is the difference between them? Let us tell you all about it.

The custom or shop built cabinetry are locally built in every region of the country and this means that they vary in quality. But the upside is that you can find them in almost any color and any style and you can build the so they fit perfectly in your kitchen. So it's up to you to find a great cabinetmaker that will build you the kitchen of your dream.

The semi-custom cabinetry is partly stock and partly custom, which means you get more features than stock cabinetry with a shorter lead time than custom. The construction will start once the order is finalized so the cabinets are somewhat build to suit a wide range of doors and finishes. Having over 40 years experience in building cabinets, KraftMaid offers over 65 finish options, over 100 door styles and over 200 storage solutions.

The stock or production cabinetry come in a limited number of styles, accessories, hardware and finishes and it requires space-wasting filler to fit. These cabinets have an entry-level price point and is usually in stock or available in a couple of days. They are the best choice for a starter home or an investment property.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite KraftMaid cabinets.

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