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16 modern kitchen designs and ideas

They say that the kitchen is the heart of every house and for many families, that is very true. It is that one room where everybody meets to talk, eat and cook, to spend quality time with their loved ones and to enjoy delicious meals. So when you start decorating your kitchen keep in mind that it has to be both functional and beautiful. Think about your style and your personality and choose items that represent you.

A modern kitchen looks usually pretty flat

If you are a more modern person and your family loves new things and gadgets of all sorts, than we suggest you decorate your kitchen in a very modern way, starting with your furniture, appliances and small decorations.

Like any other modern room, the main characteristic of the kitchen should be the fact that is spacious and doesn't have to may objects to make it look crammed. The colors should flow and give the room a relaxed air. Beside the colors white, black or cream you can use wood paneling for your walls or even a wallpaper.

Many modern kitchen designs have an island counter and bar stools in order to create a relaxed space where you can enjoy the company of your friends and family. When choosing your appliances, think also about slick, modern ones, that will only add to the space.

A beautiful modern kitchen

Modern kitchens should be full of light so make sure you have a big window and a bold lamp in the middle of the room. Since the design of a modern kitchen is very simple, don't buy to many decorations. A spice rack and some towel hangers are enough. You can put a big, industrial clock on the wall or a piece of art to brighten the room.

And if you need some inspiration before planning your own modern kitchen, check out the gallery below where we have gathered some very nice ideas.

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