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Natural nursery designs and ideas

Designing the nursery for your baby is such a joy! Choosing the furniture, the accessories, the bedding, everything that your cute baby will need is a great pleasure for the parents to be. I think that when designing a nursery you should always think about some basic things that will help you decide faster and choose only the things you really need.

Many parents tend to over crowd the room, bringing a lot of furniture and toys and decorations in the nursery, and don't seem to think about when the child really needs. So here are the basic things that you should have in your nursery: a bed, a changing table, a closet for the baby's clothes and maybe a rocking chair. Add cute but small decorations on the walls, a rug and curtains, and paint the room in a light color.

One if the most popular trends right now is the natural trend. So today I want to show you how can create a beautiful natural nursery using objects and furniture that are made from wood or wicker. In the gallery below you will see a lot of ideas and ways you can bring that simplicity and that beauty of the nature into the nursery without to much effort. Also you can observe that the color pallet is also natural and pretty light, and that the rooms have very few furniture pieces.

So make sure you check them all out and I hope you will find some inspiration for the natural nursery

Photo source: Pinterest

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