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Watermelon pizza recipe

Yum yum! Summer is here and the markets are bursting with delicious fruits! That's why we want to show you an amazing recipe that will soon become a family favorite! The watermelon pizza is the perfect dessert choice for those hot summer days! And not only is super simple to make, but also it is ready in no time! Cooking it can be a way to spend more time with your kids because they are going to love helping you with this one!

Watermelon pizza

To make watermelon pizza you are going to need watermelon and other fruits that you and your family enjoy. If you want to decorate it further, you can add coconut flakes or chocolate chips. Cut the watermelon in round slices and then add other fruits cut in small pieces. Decorate as you please and enjoy! Another recipe that you can try is to put savory ingredients like olives, anchovy and onion, to make a tasty afternoon treat!

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