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The benefits of the whole foods diet

One of the most popular diets right now, and one that has been around for ages, if the whole food diet. For some it may sound just like a trend but actually this diet is recommended even by doctors to those who suffer for various diseases. In fact, all of us need to eat more whole foods in order to have a healthy life.

Whole foods diet

So are you eating enough whole foods? There is never too late to start and because of that I want to give you some reasons why you should do that today!

Many of us suffer from bad cholesterol so if you want to lower your cholesterol level you should definitely eat more whole foods. Remember that products made from animal produce cholesterol and an increased cholesterol level can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Also, you should know that a whole food diet provides fibers that help with you cardiovascular system.

Also many of us suffer from high blood pressure that can lead to cardiovascular diseases and strokes. But having a diet that includes whole foods can especially if you eat them at regular intervals and with moderation.

Cancer is one of the most common diseases of this century and specialists say that an unhealthy diet, in which we eat refined and processed foods, is linked with an increased risk of cancer. Our body needs nutritional foods that supply the vitamins, nutrients and minerals and the processed and refined foods give us none of those. But whole foods have been known to decrease the risk of various cancer forms, like the colon or the breast one. Doctors also suggest we eat a lot of fruits that are rich in fibers because it can reduce cancer for menopausal women. Furthermore, eating fruits and vegetable fight against cancer with the help of the vitamins, fibers and antioxidants that they contain.

Whole foods diet

Most of us also struggle with those extra pounds, looking for new diets to help us get rid of the weight. So how can a whole food diet help us with this problem? Here are some things that you should know. Phytochemicals (like the lycopene in tomatoes and pterostilbene in blueberries) are some of those things that are essential in order to have a healthy body. And because they are rich in antioxidants not only they improve our metabolism but also are a great help for out body when it breaks down the fat and the cholesterol.

Would you like to read more about the whole food diet? Here are some books we recommend:

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All over the world, our life is affected by the nutrient shortage, including things like magnesium, potassium or fiber. When our body doesn't receive these nutrients, we are in risk to develop diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. When your body receives the nutrients it needs, not only your health will be better but you will also start loosing more weight.

I also want to mention one more thing that can be useful when you want to lose weight. Whole foods are so rich in fiber which we all know, are great for digestion. And when you have a good digestion, you can lose weight so much easier.

More and more people complain about having pain in their bones. If some time ago this was the problem of the old people, now even the younger ones say they encounter this problem. Having a diet that is based on plants that are rich in magnesium, calcium and vitamin K you will feel the benefits of this diet that strengthens your bones.

Whole foods diet

Last but not least, I want to talk about the fact that a whole food diet can decrease the risk of diabetes. Having a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and grains can decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes because the natural sugars found in fruits for example, have a low glycemic index and contain fibers that will slow down the absorption of the sugar. Also you must know that whole foods diet is usually associated with lower levels of insulin and blood glucose after you had a meal. So if you want to keep your blood sugar under control you should have a whole foods diet.

But even if you don't suffer from any of the problems that I've talked about, you should always eat more fruits, vegetables and grains because they have many benefits for your health.

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