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The benefits of the dandelion tea

Dandelions and the dandelion tea have the most powerful detoxifying and diuretic effect. From this plant you can use the leaves, the stems and roots of dandelion. The consumption of dandelion tea eliminates the toxins from the body, enhancing the intestinal transit and increasing the tone of the whole organism.

The benefits of the dandelion tea

• is useful for draining the excess water from the body, because it is a powerful diuretic.

• is very active in detoxifying the body, especially when the seasons are changing.

• if you have acne, spring allergies or skin diseases, drink dandelion tea for three to four weeks.

Dandelion benefits

• it is useful in indigestion, gastritis hypo, biliary dyskinesia, constipation.

• it is great for those people suffering from diabetes because it lowers the blood sugar and stimulates the secretion of insulin.

• it is useful in liver diseases.

• it can also be used in breast related problems (swelling, problems with milk secretion, breast cancer).

• it improves the resistance of the immune system to respiratory infections.

• it is also very effective in diets because it has a stimulating effect on the entire digestive system, leading to the a powerful detoxify of the body.

• it soothes skin irritation and contributes to the cleaning of pigmentation spots

The benefits of the dandelion

Dandelion is a gold mine in terms of vitamins, minerals and its leaves can be eaten as a salad. Also it is rich in vitamin A, and is very effective in fighting free radicals that lead to skin aging. Dandelion leaves contain potassium, iron, calcium, copper, silicon and manganese. The roots also have insulin, complex sugars and substances that promote a healthy intestinal flora. It is also effective is fighting constipation, anemia and different infections. And this is possible because it has a high content of vitamin B, calcium and magnesium.

So next time you see a field full of dandelions, think about the many benefits that this plant has when it comes to your health.

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