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Kwanzan cherry trees

The Kwanzan cherry tree known also as Prunus serrulata is one of the most popular cherry trees, even though is does not produces any fruits. It is used as a decorative tree and is classified as deciduous. It is native to China, Japan and Korea and is used in the spring time in displays and at festivals.

It's a small tree with a short trunk and its height reaches up to 26-39 feet, about 7.9-11.9 meters. It has smooth, chestnut brown bark and its leaves are arranged alternately. The flowers of this beautiful cherry tree are produced in clusters of 2 to 5 and are colored white to pink. To have a beautiful Kwanzan cherry tree you need to keep it in a place where the soil is well drained and where it has a lot of sun.

In the spring time, the Kwanzan cherry trees offer a true show of beauty and delicacy. You can enjoy it too through the pictures that you will find in the gallery below.

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