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Kerrygold butter

Kerrygold butter

I often enjoy a butter melted backed potato because it reminds me of my childhood. But finding a good butter, that tastes great and also is great for your health, can be difficult. The good taste of butter is often lost in the process especially since many manufacturers are trying to create products that have less fat.

After trying many products, I found the Kerrygold butter, that is a premium butter, completely natural, free from artificial colorings and flavorings. You might notice that this butter has a gold color that is actually a natural result of the beta carotene in fresh grass that also gives a distinct flavor.

The Kerrygold butter comes from Ireland and that's why I want to tell you more about this product. The tradition of making butter from milk, started in Ireland long time before this company appeared, because back then, the Irishmen used to grow cattle more for the milk and not for the milk. And we can understand why since Ireland has everything a cow needs to be happy and produce milk: a mild climate, good soil, moisture-bearing southwesterly winds, and a lot of green grass. And believe it or not, Ireland has been making and sharing its amazing butter with the world since the 17th century.

Today of course, you can find the Kerrygold butter, which is a pure Irish butter in your local stores in a simple and elegant foil paper that preserves freshness and premium quality. It is made in the style of all premium European butters, but has a higher content of fat that gives it a distinctive richness.

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