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How to plant sunflowers

Sunflowers are such beautiful and elegant flowers that ripe in the late summer or at the beginning of fall. They make every garden or field bloom with color and give us delicious seeds that we can use in many recipes. But if you want to have one in your garden there are some things you need to know. So here is how to plant sunflowers.

When can you plant the sunflower seeds

If you want to have a sunflower in your garden, best sown the seeds outside, at the end of spring. Make sure you find a spot where the flowers will get at least six hours of sun every day. If you have decided to first grow it inside, use a biodegradable pot that will facilitate the move. Move it outside before it reaches the height of 4-5".


How to plant the seeds

Don't plant the seeds too deep, they should only be as deep as the seed itself. When it comes to the space between the seed remember that smaller sunflowers can be a foot apart and the larger ones should be three feet apart. This spacing will give the sunflowers a chance to ripen without bumping into other plants and will also be easier for the gardener to collect the seeds. The soil where the sunflowers grow, will need to have compost, humus or other soil enhancers because these plants like to eat.

From seeds to beautiful plants

You might observe that sunflowers are slow starters when it comes to growing but when they do, they will out grow many other plants from your garden. You can add mulch around the base of new plants to help them, when they begin to grow.

Some of the biggest enemies of these plants remain the critters, the birds or small animals like squirrels. To preserve your plants, you can cover the head with a mesh or pantyhose.

Overall, planting and having a sunflower in your garden can be very easy. So what do you say? Now that you know how to plant sunflowers will you try it next spring?

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