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How to kill weeds naturally

One of the biggest and most annoying problem that you can have in your garden are weeds. Many of them keep on growing even after you have pulled them or applied weed killers and they can suffocate other plants from your garden.

Kill weeds naturally

Many people don't use weed killers bought from stores because in the long term, they affect the ground and other plants, so weeds just keep on growing. But you should know that there are natural solutions to this problem. So here are some advice on how to kill weeds naturally.

1. Pull them: it's a really simple and effective solution. If you have weeds that are harder to pull, just water the zone around them really well. The best time to pull your weeds is after a rain. After pulling them, don't just throw them away. In case you didn't know, the are some weeds that are edible like the young greens of chicory and dandelions, that can be added into salads.

2. Salt, water and vinegar: all of these three ingredients will naturally help you with your problem. Here is how it works.

Sprinkle rock salt on the garden paths in the spring time. Be careful though, as too much salt can lead to concrete erosion and will leave the ground barren.

Pour boiling water on the weeds to kill even the most resistant ones.

Vinegar is a great help when it comes to naturally killing the weeds. Put it on the weeds and they will die a few days later. Dandelions are some of the most persistent weeds so vinegar is great to kill them.

3. Outnumber or keep them in check: these are two options that really work. The outnumber rule says that in a garden, there is a great competition among plants and the winner gets all the water, sun and nutrients. So all you have to do is plant as many flowers and garden crops that will beat the weeds for a spot in the sunlight. To keep them in check, all you need to do is build barriers like walls and edgings that you can make from scraps. The weeds will not be able to go over these "fences".

Either you love them or you hate them, weeds will always be a part of your garden. Either way, now you know how to kill weeds naturally.

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