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How to create your own urban garden

When you think about gardening, you see the image of a big garden, with lots of flowers, everything bursting with color.

Urban garden

But not all of us have the luxury of having a spacious garden or even a garden at all, and that's why, a new type of gardeners have appeared: the urban gardeners.

Anybody can be an urban gardener, all you need is a little inspiration and a lot of love for the nature. Like the name says it, urban gardeners are people who create gardens in the city, where the space is limited. But with a little imagination, you can easily bring nature into your live and your home.

Even you can build an urban garden. For this you will need different containers like flower pots but you can get creative and use different things from your home like old jars and can tins. Some people are even using shoes, clothes or car tires instead of flowers pots. Then select the plants you want to grow. Most of the urban gardeners are growing vegetables and herbs, so this is a good starting point. But you can also grow fruits like strawberries or small flowers. Make sure you read all about the plants you are growing, to see if you can provide them with the best conditions. If you have a balcony, that is the best place for your urban garden, because here your plants will get a lot of light.

So do you want to have your own little urban garden? You can find in the gallery below lots of ideas on how you can get started.

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