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Green houses made with old windows

Owning a green house can be a dream come true and is even better when you can build one yourself. Today we want to show you an idea that will help you create the perfect green house and won't eve require to many materials. This idea has become very popular in the last years and more people, who also like to recycle and upcycle have used it for their gardens. If you haven't guess it yet, we are talking about a green house that is made from old windows.

This idea is so nice and original because it doesn't only help you create a beautiful green house, but also a very useful one, since plants need their sun. To build your own green house you will need old windows, lumber for the frame and some other things like nails and screws. You can find step by step tutorials on the internet.

And if you need some inspiration before starting this project, check out the gallery below, where we have gathered some very awesome ideas that could inspire you too.

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