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Cool terrarium ideas that you can copy

Just because you live in an apartment and you don't have a place where you can make your own garden, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy the beauty of the nature. The solution to this problem is actually very simple: build a terrarium.

A terrarium is a small garden that you create inside a glass container, made with small plants and cute decorations. You can use plants like the succulents because they don't need much space or ground, and they will look amazing on any shelf.

What really makes a terrarium special is the glass container you choose. The shops are full with different special containers that you can transform into a terrarium. Also you can use objects from your home, like a big jar, a teapot or a round fish bowl.

After you have planted everything, think about the decorations. Choose small items, like animal sculptures, butterflies or sea shells. Put your terrarium in a sunny place and enjoy your little, beautiful garden every day.

And if need some ideas, you will find in the gallery below some cool terrarium designs that you can copy.

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