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Choose red flowers for a garden full of life and color

Red is the color of passion and love, so if you want a garden that is full of life and color, choose some red flowers. There is a great variety of red flowers, even though not many are very popular. Some of the most popular red flowers are roses, tulips or dahlias. But there are many others that wait to be discovered and we assure you that they are magnificent.

A red rose

So which red flowers do we think you should plant in your garden? Here are just some of our favorites.

Let's start with some small flowers that are not only very cute, but also easy to take of: primulas, peonies, pansies, dianthus, pentas or poppies. If you like flowers that are more impressive than you can plant hibiscus, Asiatic lily, gladiolia, camellia, gloxinia or ranunculus.

There are also some amazing looking red flowers that will adorn your garden in the most spectacular way. If that's what you're looking for, than we suggest you choose from these plants: cymbidium, bougainvillea, amaryllis, red ginger, calla lilies, heliconia, ixora, passion flower or the torch ginger.

Many of these flowers need special attention, so make sure you read about them and their needs before purchasing them. Some of them might even "die" during the cold season, but you will be amazed to see that they come back to life every spring, blooming even more than the last year.

If you don't like your garden in just one color, you are free to mix things up, and combine the red flowers with others to create the garden of your dreams. You can also plant red flowers in pots and put them on the window sill to create an indoor garden for you to enjoy. And to show you just how beautiful red flowers can be, we have created a gallery where you can see some of the most beautiful red flowers around the world.

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