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Cherry tomato varieties (I)

Cherry tomatoes have become the center of many recipes and gardeners all around the world have them in their gardens. They are sweet and easy to grow and that's why they are so appreciated.

There are over 25 varieties of cherry tomatoes

You can use them in salads, stews, soups or chutneys and we guarantee they will not disappoint you. There are many varieties from which you can choose from, but before you plant them, you should find out more about each cherry tomato specie.

Since cherry tomatoes are very popular, more and more species have appeared on the market. We've chose 20 varieties and we want to tell more about them. So here are some information that could be useful.

1. Apricot dream: they have a bright orange color, reminding us of an apricot. Because they are very high in natural sugars, they have the taste of a sweet candy, so they are delicious. They grow in huge clusters of 20 to 30 productive vines.

2. Topsy Tom: if you like the plants that are grown in containers, you should choose this type. They also do great in upside down tomato planters. The Topsy Tom tomatoes are very flavored, small and crack resistant.

3. Cherry falls: like their name says it, this tomatoes will grow in a cascade with vines measuring 8-12 inches. They don't need special attention like stalking and will produce around 300 fruits per plants. They are large, sweet, juicy and have a bright red color.

4. Juliet: if you are looking for a variety that will go great in sauces and salsas, than this is a very good choice. They are easy to grow because they are resistant to diseases, have a deep red color and their taste is delicious.

Various cherry tomatoes

5. Totem tomato: they are a great variety to be planted in containers as they grow only 12 to 18 inches. Producing lots of small, delicious tasting fruits, they will be a great source of tomatoes for your salads.

6. Super sweet 100: they are the improved version on Sweet 100, having a better balance between sugar and acid. Also they are more resistant to diseases or cracking. Their long clusters carry up to 100 fruits that have a high level of vitamin C.

7. Large red cherry: if you are looking for a type that has larger fruits than this is what you should grow. The fruits are 1 to 1.25 inch fruits that have a deep red color.

8. Tumbling Tom Red: this type is not only beautiful but also very productive. They will do great in a patio container or a hanging basket and will provide you with some delicious fruits all summer long.

9. Balconi yellow: plant them in the garden and they will offer you some sweet and mild fruits. You can use the in many delicious recipes because beautiful yellow color and their great taste.

10. Rambling red stripe: this variety will give you up to 400 red fruits that have an old fashioned taste. You can grow them in hanging baskets or in the garden and you must know that have a high resistance to diseases.

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