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Beautiful autumn gardens

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, with its beautiful flowers and golden leaves. Nature is preparing for winter but still offers us an amazing show of colors and textures. If you have a garden, than you must know just how beautiful nature is in autumn.

Even though there aren't many flowers that bloom in autumn, the few ones that do are full of life and color. So if you want to plant something that will adorn your garden all autumn, here is a list of the most beautiful autumn flowers:

• dahlias: they have many colors, so choose one that will fit with the other plants in your garden;

• salvias: they are easy to grow and they bloom in no time;

• echinacea: they attract butterflies and bees, and they make beautiful flowers that you can put in a vase;

• camellia: is the flower that will let you know that autumn has started;

• hibiscus: plant them in a warm and sheltered spot and they will reward you with flowers all autumn;

• tibouchina: they bloom both in spring and in autumn;

• chrysanthemum: they will make your garden beautiful with their amazing colors.

And even though outside is still summer, we want to remind you of the beauty of autumn with the help of some amazing pictures.

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