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Beautiful autumn decorations for your garden and front porch

Autumn is already here and in some parts of the world you can feel and see it everywhere you go. The weather is chilly, the rainy days have replaced to sunny ones and the leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees. But autumn is a beautiful season, creating amazing shows of color and scent, so if you want to enjoy them all you have to do is get out and embrace the nature.

If you have a garden then you are lucky because autumn brings not only rain and clouds but also lots of spectacular flowers and delicious fruits and vegetables. But if you want to enhance the beauty of the fall, we want to show you some amazing decorations that you can use in your garden but also on your front porch.

To create them, use things you find in the nature, like leaves, flowers and different seasonal vegetables like the so popular pumpkin. So check out the gallery below to find some great ideas that might inspire you too!

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