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7 vegetables that you can regrow from scrap

Growing your own vegetables is pretty rewarding and the best part is that you can simply pick them and put them in your food. More and more people are starting their own vegetables and herbs garden at home so that's why today, we want to talk about some vegetables that you can regrow from scratch. So here is a list that might help you too if you like to grow your own vegetables.

1. Green onion: when it comes to this family favorite, you have two options. The first option is to cut the bottoms of a green onion and put it in the water. The second thing that you can do is to cut the green stalk leaving about one inch from the bulb. Put the bulb in water and leave it in a sunny place. Put water regularly.

2. Garlic: if this fragrant vegetable is a must in your kitchen, make sure you have enough by putting a clove or the entire bulb in a bowl with water. This way you will always have green, delicious garlic for your pasta.

3.Sweet potatoes: they are delicious and you can use them in many recipes. You can grow them by using sweet potato plants that you can purchase from your local gardening store. Put them in water, in tall jars, near the window.

4. Lemongrass: just like the green onion, leave the stalks in the water and let it grow. Lemongrass is used in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine and will bring a lot of flavor to any food.

5. Celery: you can use it for soups and salads and it's so easy to regrow. Just chop the celery stalks from the base and put it in water. After a week, put the celery in soil, in a flower pot or an old tin. Water and let it in a warm place and in no time, you will be able to pick your celery.

6. Basil: if you usually buy it but you would actually like to grow it, you must know that the process is very simple. Just cut the basil stems from a basil plant and put them in water until they make roots. Once they have roots, put them in a pot with soil.

7. Romaine: if this veggie is on you list of favorite greens, here's how to regrow it. Cut end off store bought romaine, put it in a pot with soil, water it and let it grow. Simple and effective!

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