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7 plants you can easily grow and regrow from produce

If you are a keen gardener and you like to grow your own plants than you must know that there are some that you can regrow from leftovers. All you need are some groceries or leftovers from plants that you already used and some containers. You don't need to spend money on new containers, just recycle some tin cans or plastic boxes.

So here is a list of the most popular plants that you can regrow at home.


1. Avocado: there are many versions on how you can grow your avocado but here is one that I can tell you for sure is going to work. Please keep in mind that in some areas around the world, avocados just won't grow or if you haven't succeed yet, consider having more patience. To grow an avocados from seed you will need to put the seed in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel. Leave it on a windowsill until the seed has big, strong roots. After a few weeks, put the avocado in soil with the roots completely covered but let a part of the seed out. You should pick a sunny and warm spot. Keep the soil moist and in a month or so you should have an avocado sprout. Since the avocado doesn't like to be out in the cold, you should bring it inside if the temperature outside in below 15 degrees C.


2. Herbs: we all like herbs especially in our food but finding the rooted version of our favorite plants can be quite hard. But believe it or not is actually very easy to grow your own herbs at home, in order to have them for a longer time. Here's what to do: just take a piece of your favorite herb (one that has a longer tail) and put in a glass with water. Place it near the window so it receives light and you will have fresh herbs in no time.


3. Pineapple: if you live in a part of the world where the weather is warmer, then you can grow it with no problems. Just take the top of the pineapple and place it in water and it has roots and then move it in a pot. Be patient as it might take weeks until it has roots and remember that it will grow into a big plant.


4. Greens: you can regrow your favorite greens juts by putting the old roots in the water until they make some new roots and then plant them again. They are so delicious in salads and other foods and you can use them as they grow.


5. Peppers: if you like eating peppers, then let me tell you that they are so easy to grow and harvest. All you need to do is put some seeds in the soil and let them germinate in a warm place, where the water will penetrate their coating. You will have your favorite peppers in no time!


6. Ginger: this plant is good for so many things that it would be a shame not to have it around your home. But since it's not very cheap, I suggest you regrow it at home by soaking a piece of it and then putting it in a pot with soil. Keep it moist and when it makes new roots, you can harvest it.


7. Fruit trees: if you want to grow fruit trees from seeds there are some things that you should consider like the climate in which you live in. Take your time and read about the plants you want to grow to see if your weather and your conditions are appropriate. You can put the seed to germinate in a baggie (a bag with ziplock) or in some soil pods and when it grows you can move it in a bigger pot and after a while, move them outside, if the weather allows it. The baggie method is one of the most effective.

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