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7 herbs to grow in your summer garden

If you like herbs just as much as you like flowers, than we want to tell you more about how you can create a beautiful summer garden which includes edible plants as well. Right now, when the weather is hot and the sun is burning, the flowers in the gardens are blooming and the bees are very busy! So the time is just right to enjoy some delicious herbs that will not only enhance the beauty of your garden, but are also useful in the kitchen. So here is a list of our favorite herbs that you can grow in your summer garden.


1. Lavender: this is truly a wonder plant, because it has many uses, both culinary and medicinal. To grow the lavender you will need a well drained soil and to do some pruning, but in exchange you will get tall, fragrant flowers that can be used in tea, juices, cakes, jams or herbal medical remedies. You can put them also in your closet to keep the moths away.

2. Dill: this plant is not only useful in the kitchen but is also so easy to grow. Plant it in warm soil and when it will grow, you will have beautiful tall blossoms. Many people use dill for pickles. Don't worry about replanting them because the seed will fall and dill will grow back next year.

3. Cilantro: this herb is so useful in the kitchen and you can use it in so many recipes. They thrive in the summer time when the weather is hot so they will adorn your garden with their small and beautiful white flowers.

4. Basil: we all know at least one recipe that includes basil. It has a rich fragrance and a powerful taste, so you must have some in your garden. Basil will bloom beautiful tiny purple flowers that will make your summer garden unique.

5. Chives: this is one of those herbs that are not only very useful in the kitchen but also look great in your garden. You can put chives in soups, salads or on toast with some fresh goat cheese. They like cool places so make sure you don't plant them in the sun.

6. Squash blossoms: these plants are not only beautiful but also you can cook them in many ways. They are bright, big yellow flowers that will enhance the beauty of any garden. Since the squash vines need support, plant them near fences, trees or porch railings.

7. Sage: this is a perennial plant that along side the parsley, rosemary and thyme, is one of the most common herbs used in the kitchen. It has green leaves, purple flowers and a peppery flavor and once you've plant it it will grow for many years.

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