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6 perennial flowers that tolerate the drought

If you want to have a colorful, beautiful garden with lots of flowers that don't really need to much of your attention, but will also bloom in the years to come, than we suggest you plant perennial flowers. They also attract the bees and the butterflies, which is good especially if you have a vegetable garden.

Today we want to show you some perennial flowers that are drought resistant and have no problem with the heat in the summer time. So here are some flowers that you can plant this autumn.

Autumn Stonecrop also known as a Sedum hybrid is going to adorn every garden with its beautiful large flowers that bloom in autumn. It is very resistant through both cold and drought and is very easy to care for. It has a medium size and a bright colored foliage.

Autumn Stonecrop

Mirabilis are a must have in your perennial garden. They have no problem with heat and drought and will actually bloom even after 4 o'clock when the rest of the plants go to sleep. They will give you beautiful, fragrant flowers that will adorn your garden.


The purple coneflower or echinacea is a plant that will not only give you beautiful flowers for your garden, but also it has a medicinal purpose. It has many varieties and it blooms in colors like orange, white, pink and purple. Because they are tall, you should plant them in the back of the flower bed.


Daylilies or hemerocallis will bring that splash of color to your garden through spring and summer. Because they are a very popular plant, they have been bred into many varieties and colors, so you have where to choose from. They do great in the areas where the moisture level is low.


Azalea also known as rhododendron are one of those perennial plants that might take a while to get started so make sure that in the beginning you give it the water it needs. Also, make sure that it is not under the direct sunlight because the sun affects it very bad. After it is settled, you will always have it in your garden. They make lots of beautiful pink, white and purple flower and they do great with the the heat and the drought.


Blue fescue or festuca glauca is a great choice if you want a plant that will cover a great part of your garden and make it look beautiful. It grows as a grey-green grass and you can pair it with another perennial plant, called lamb's ear.

Blue fescue

Growing perennial plants brings only advantages. All of them are simply beautiful, they require very little attention and because they are drought resistant, we get to save a lot on water and cut the water costs.

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