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5 spring vegetables that you can harvest in no time

Most vegetables need a long period of time to grow and ripen, but if you are looking for some that you can harvest in no time, than we have some suggestions for you. Plant them in the spring just like you would do with your other vegetables but be ready to put them on the table and enjoy them with your family faster than ever.

1. Green onions are some of the most delicious, fragrant spring vegetables and you can use them for many recipes. I personally love to eat green onion in a delicious spring salad, with tomatoes, green salad and olive oil. You can start harvesting the green onions after a month, leaving the bulb in the soil. The green part will keep on growing so you will have even more product.

2. Salad greens are the most healthy thing that we can eat in spring. In this category we include of course the green lettuce and other leafy greens that we usually put in a salad. Plant them in the beginning of the season because as a seedlings, they can take a little frost. Most of them will be ready in 2 months and some, like arugula, even faster.

3. Bush beans are a great choice when it comes to fast growing vegetables, and will give you a steady supply of delicious beans all season long. Plant them in the late spring and enjoy the process. Once they are out of the ground, they will start growing and climbing, and the flowers will appear within weeks.

4. Radishes are truly my favorite spring vegetables! They go great with other fast growing vegetables like green onion and lettuce and are also very healthy. They grow fast and you must give them the conditions they need so you must succession plant every other week.

5. Peas are not only delicious but also very easy to grow! In the spring they will enjoy a cool, rainy day, and will award you with a full pod in only 50 days. There are some shorter varieties that produce peas even earlier, because they don't need to grow to much, and this is true when it comes to beans too.

Spring vegetables
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