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18 great ways to use citrus peels

Most of the time, when we eat an orange or a use a lemon, we just throw away the peel but today I want to give you 18 reasons why you shouldn't do it anymore! So here are 18 ways you can use the citrus peels.

• if you need some citrus zest to add more flavor to your baking or other cooked dishes, just grate the peels on a fine grater.

• we tend to buy condiments from the store but if you are looking for a unique and delicious combination, here is what you can do: grate the lemon peels and mix them with pepper and salt to create your own homemade lemon pepper seasoningcondiments that you can use on many dishes.

Citrus fruits

• you can transform the citrus peels into delicious treats in no time only by using water and sugar. Candied peels are great for all your family and they are really easy to make.

• if you need some citrus extracts, you can use any kind of peels. The extracts are great for when you are baking.

• instead of buying a flavored olive oil from your local store, you can make one at home. To make a great lemon olive oil you will need to put 3 tablespoons of finely grated lemon peels in a cup of extra virgin olive oil and leave it for a couple of weeks in a jar. When you think the oil is ready, strain the zest and enjoy your new flavored oil.

• if you love that citrus flavor with your tea, just add some citrus peels to your cup.

• you can refresh your trash can and get rid of those bad odors by putting some orange peels in the container.

Need some help with peeling your citrus fruits? Here are some great tools for you:

Lemon peelers

Orange peelers

• we all know that vinegar is a great natural cleaner but it has a very strong smell. By putting some citrus peels in the vinegar will make the solution smell better and even be more useful.

• trying to clean you stainless steel and chrome objects? Just sprinkle some sea salt on the dirty objects and use lemon peel to scrub them until they are shiny once more.

• if you are looking for a natural way to clean your microwave then just add some lemon peels in a safe bowl that is half filled with water and let it boil for five minutes using the full power. The steam will help you clean the dirt in no time and the microwave will smell great.

• sometimes our coffee cups get stained by the coffee so all you have to do is put warm water and some lemon peel in the cup and leave it for a few hours.

• believe it or not, lemon is a natural ant repellent so all you have to do is put lemon peels by your doors, windows or any other place you think they might come in. It's also good for roaches or fleas.

• some cats tend to use the garden as their litter box but if you want to keep them away, just put orange peels all around your garden or your flower pots.

Citrus fruits

• to make your home smell good just boil some citrus peels and also add other nice smelling smices like cinnamon sticks.

• you can dry the citrus peels in order to use them later in a potpourri. You can also add dried flowers, spices and herbs.

• from various reasons, your nails can get yellow but if you are looking for a natural nail whitener, just rub the nails with a wedge of a lemon.

• also our skin can get darker and have spots but to make your skin brighter just make a lemon peel scrub and use it for your skin.

• vitamin C is very important for our health and our immunity. To make your own vitamin C just dry different citrus peels and grind them very well.

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