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12 vegetables that are the easiest to grow

Spring is almost here so it's time to think about our veggie garden. Either you are a keen gardener or you are just growing vegetables for you or your family, now is the time to decide what will your next harvest look like. That's why today I want to tell you more about the 12 easiest vegetables that you can grow and I hope I can inspire other people to start their own gardens this spring.

1. Sweet peppers

These vegetables are a great choice for any organic garden. They are so versatile in the kitchen, yet so easy to grow, requiring very little work. Sweet peppers prefer the hot days of summer so just let them grow and enjoy the sun so that you can enjoy their delicious taste.

2. Hot peppers

Just like their sweeter brother, these peppers love the hot days of summer, when they fill your garden with their deep red color. To avoid a spicy cross pollination make sure you plant them far away from the sweet peppers and the tomatoes.

3. Swiss chard

This veggie is perfect in a sautee or a stir fry and it's really easy to grow! It will integrate perfect in any edible landscape and will make any garden prettier because of its bright colored stalks.

4. Tomatoes

They are essential to any good garden and you must admit that they taste so much better then the ones you buy at a store. You can grow tomatoes everywhere in your garden or in hanging containers, with just a little work and care.

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5. Beans

They grow quickly and are delicious in so many recipes. You can either choose beans that grow in a bush or some that climb on trellises, either way you will have a beautiful edible landscape that will also fill your tummy.

6. Cabbage

I don't know about you but I love cabbage! It is great both cooked and natural and it is pretty easy to grow. Not only that, but they can make any vegetable garden look better because they are really pretty.

7. Lettuce

This leafy plant is so easy to grow and you can start planting it way sooner then others. You can start before the sunny weather arrives and keep sowing new rounds for an extended harvest. It is delicious and full of nutrients that are good for your health.

8. Cucumbers

Another one of my favorites, the cucumber grows on vines and the best part is that you can find different kinds that you can use for many purposes like pickling or eating in salads.

9. Summer squash

This veggie is perfect any time you want to put something healthy and tasty in your food. I love it in my soup and also I fry it and eat it with garlic. It will sprawl throughout your garden and it will fill it with delicious summer squashes for you and your family to enjoy.

10. Winter squash

My husband loves squash pie so if you are a fan of this delicious vegetable that you can practically use for any type of recipe, just fill your garden with them and enjoy the results. They can be harvested in the fall and can be kept for a long time in darker room.

11. Mint

This plant has many benefits for your health, especially if you have problems with your tummy. It is easy to grow and if you are not careful it can spread in your garden in no time. So if you want to grow it just for you and your family, you can put it in a container or an isolated part of your garden.

12. Rosemary

If you love adding herbs into your recipes, then rosemary is the one you must always have in your kitchen. This perennial herb has no problem with being in the hot weather and requires a low maintenance.

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