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10 low maintenance perennial flowers you can grow in your garden

Having a garden with flowers can be quite difficult, especially if you don't have the time to look for them like they need. But lucky for us, there are some flowers, that are called perennials that will not only grow back each and every single year, but also they are very easy to maintain. Today we want to give a list of 10 plants that are easy to grow and hard to lose.

1. Thyme: is probably the best perennial plant that you can have in your garden. It has many usages, both in medicinal and culinary preparations and its fragrant smell will make your garden a perfect place for an afternoon tea. You can either let it grow on the ground, because it will spread and cover those places that need to be covered, or you can make it mount.

2. Sage: these beautiful, fragrant and low maintenance plants are drought resistant and will make any garden look more beautiful. They grow up to 4 feet tall and can be used in different preparations.

3. Echinacea: these adorable little flowers remind us of daisies. Put them in the garden if you want to enjoy beautiful flowers but don't worry to much about them, as they are drought resistant. They grow up to 4 feet tall and you can use them in both a medical and aesthetic way.

4. Sedum: these are some of the most drought resistant plants, even when you put them in a not so good soil. They make your fall garden look interesting and beautiful and the same time. Some varieties have rich colors that will adorn your garden.

5. Achillea: it will bloom in the summer, making flowers that can yellow, pink, white or red. They are drought resistant, so they will look pretty well even in the hottest days of summer. Their foliage looks like fern and they grow for about 2 feet tall.

6. Astilbe: if you are looking for a flower that has delicate red and pink blooms, but needs almost no maintenance, than this is the plant for you. It blooms in late spring and grow up to 4 feet tall.

7. Nepeta: this flower will give you beautiful violet flowers that grow up to 3 feet tall. They will adorn your garden in the spring and in the summer, and if you want to make them bloom again, just cut them back after the first flowering.

8. Baptisia: these cute plants will help you bring color into your garden. They can be yellow, blue or purple and can grow up to 4 feet tall. If you plant it in light shade, it will bloom in the early spring.

9. Hemerocallis: every perennial garden should include these beautiful flowers. They are drought tolerant but they need to be planted in an area that has shade. They bloom in spectacular, lily-like flowers and have a foliage that looks like fine grass.

10. Coreopsis: just like echinacea, this plant also makes flowers that look like little daisies. They are so beautiful and they don't need to much tending. They will bloom in the summer and in autumn, and they are drought tolerant.

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