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10 fruits and vegetables you probably store in the wrong way

Most of the times, after we come home from shopping we tend to put some of the fruits and the vegetables in the fridge, but nutritionists say that is a big mistake. If you want to keep your food fresh and tasty for a longer period of time, here are some tips and tricks. So which are the aliments you should not put in the fridge? Here is a list for you.

Garlic: store it at room temperature in an open container so that air can circulate freely. Never clean its upper layer until you cook it. It is good to deposit it near the onions.

Onions: it is best to hang them somewhere, at room temperature. If you do not have space, you can simply store it with the garlic, in a drawer. Keep the onions and the potatoes separated and never put them in a fridge.

Potatoes: store them in cool and dark place, but keep them away from the refrigerator. Moisture causes the starch turn into sugars content, and this will ruin their taste and texture. Keep them in a paper bag or in a well-ventilated crate. Also, keep them as far away from onions and fruits that are emitting ethylene.

Asparagus: if you can not cook it as soon as you bought it, put it in the fridge, standing, in a jar, with their roots in water, with peaks covered loosely by a plastic bag. It will hold up to a week in perfect condition. If the water becomes unclear, change it.

Carrots: first, cut off their green heads because they absorb all the juices contained by the carrots. Then, put them in the refrigerator where they can resist for about two weeks. Brussels sprouts: put the sprouts in the refrigerator, without washing it before, in the vegetable drawer. Remove upper leaves before you cook it.

Cucumbers: they hate the cold, so avoid depositing them in the refrigerator for more than three days. Also, avoid keeping them next to bananas, watermelon or tomatoes, fruit that eliminates ethylene.

Green celery: to keep it for a long time, put it in the refrigerator wrapped in aluminum foil, not in plastic.

Tomatoes: you should keep them as far away from the refrigerator. Low temperatures soften them and destroy their taste.

Bananas: do not keep them in the bunch if you want these fruits to last longer. If they are sufficiently ripe, put them in the refrigerator to stop them from ripening more.

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