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10 daisy-like flowers you can plant in your garden

Daisies are some of the cutest flowers and they can change the look of a garden in no time. But what makes daisies so popular? It must be the special shape of their flowers, right? So if like them very much too, but you are looking to bring new and vibrant flowers into your garden, here are 10 plants that have daily-like flowers that you can choose from.


1. Chamomile: these miniature daisies are known for their medicinal properties. The herbal tea made from chamomile has a very powerful calming effect. Even though some people consider it to be a weed, it actually is a very good plant to have in your garden. It grows in full sun and requires very little attention, being both beautiful and beneficial. To have a garden full of chamomile flowers, sow it in the autumn.


2. Gerbera: these beautiful flowers come in many colors so all you have to do if find the one that you like the most. They prefer a space with full sun where the soil is loose and drains well. In the summer time they will bloom, adorning your garden but also your flower pots.


3. Calendula: people have been growing this plant in their garden for many, many years because it has some amazing medicinal effects. Also, it will keep the pests away and is also edible. They are colorful, vibrant, they require almost no maintenance but they need water to bloom and be healthy.


4. Aster: you can find them in many colors and heights so think about where in your garden you want to plant them. If you are going for the tallest ones, that can reach up to 8 feet tall, make sure you plant them in the back of the garden. Plant some that are smaller in the front of the garden, to create balance and beauty.


5. Rudbeckia: it looks like a daisy combined with a black eyed susan, but is just as pretty as both of them. With yellow flowers and a dark center, this flower loves to be planted in large groups. They will repay you with a big mass of summer blooms that will catch everybody's eye. They are perennial flowers but also they love the full sun and have no problem with the drought.


6. Osteospermum: they are known as the African daisies because they share the same shape with their white and yellow sister, but they have different colors. Osteospermum will bloom in a very strong shade of purple, having also a metallic center. You must know that they must have sufficient water, an acidic soil and must be provided with fertilizer.


7. Gaillardia: if you love daisy-like flowers, than you must have these beauty in your garden. They produce a thick covering of blooms, with colors ranging from red to yellow, to orange and peach. Plant them on a well drained soil, in full sun.


8. Coreopsis: they are the kind of plants that will completely change the look of a garden, by their own. They come in a wide range of colors, so go ahead and play with them, mixing red with yellow and white and purple to create a bright and interesting spot. They are perennials and will atract the bees and the butterflies each time they bloom.


9. Sashta: they look almost like the daisies we know and love, so if you are looking for something very similar, this a a good choice. They grow and bloom in clusters in full sun. They produce white, large blooms that will make any garden prettier.

10. Echinacea: known also as coneflower, this beautiful plant will give you purple flowers that resemble the daisies very well. They are perennials and they need very little attention. Echinacea is not just a beautiful flower but also has medical powers.

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