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Coastal dining room designs and ideas

Coastal dining room

Every time I hear the word coastal I think about the seaside and the beach. So when I went to visit some friends a couple of days ago and I say their amazing coastal dining room I was so exited and I instantly felt like I was back on my summer vacation, enjoying the warm weather and the sun!

And that's why today I want to show you too some great ideas on how you can transform any dining room into a beautiful, coastal one.

For me the secret of a successful coastal dining room is of course choosing the right color scheme. Think about the colors that remind you of the sea, like blue and green and gray and yellow and of course their lighter shades. Incorporate them into the dining room by painting the walls and buying furniture and accessories that are painted in the colors. Also, use original decorations a seashell or a starfish and cute drawing of kids at the beach.

Keep the furniture as simple and as natural as possible, choosing a table and some chairs that are made from wood or wicker. This will really make the difference. And to see just how beautiful a coastal dining room can be, check out the gallery below!

Photo source: Pinterest

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