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Modern luxurious bedroom designs and ideas

If you dream of having a luxurious bedroom but you feel like you don't have the money to buy expensive furniture and decorations, than we have some ideas that might help you to create the perfect bedroom. To bring luxury into your home is not that hard, and you must remember that little details make the difference. Also try to stay away from those things that are two obvious and too kitschy like big and bright chandeliers.

So, to create a modern, luxurious bedroom you will need nice furniture, good quality bedding, beautiful paintings for the walls, beautiful bedside lamps and modern chandeliers, a big rug and other small decorative things like flower vases and a mirror with a metal frame. When it comes to the colors, try not to bring bright and flashy colors, but use the ones that are darker, like blue, gray, brown and black.

Designing your own modern luxurious bedroom will be much easier if you have some ideas that can inspire you and that's why, you should check out the gallery below.

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