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How to create the perfect cozy cottage bedroom in 6 simple steps

The bedroom might just be the most important room in our home. It's the place where we rest after a busy day at work and where we also spend time with our loved ones. That's why it's so important to create a beautiful and peaceful room. Some people prefer the bedroom to be modern, others they just want to take a step back in time and have a vintage bedroom, but if your style is neither of these two, than we have some great suggestions for you.

Cottage bedroom

We all know that putting together a perfect bedroom can be difficult but if you are more of a romantic than you should definitely think about decorating your bedroom in a cozy cottage style.

This style is better descried by one word: comfort! And comfort is something that we should all have in our bedrooms.

Cottage bedroom design

So how to create the perfect cozy cottage bedroom? Here are a few ideas:

1. The colors you choose should be light for a more relaxed and homey feeling. Use white, cream, light pink and yellow for your walls, your bedding and the art work you hang on the walls.

2. The furniture should have an old feel, like it's vintage. You don't really have to match the furniture in your bedroom so just choose the things you like and you think it might go great together. Wood and metal are two materials that are often use for the furniture found in a cozy cottage bedroom.

3. When it comes to creating a perfect cozy cottage bedroom, the accessories are the key! You can use everything that looks old or vintage, like flower vases, picture frames, lamps or pillows. You can find many interesting accessories in antique shops or flee markets. Also you can make interesting decorations for your bedroom yourself, with help of some DIY tutorials you can find on the internet.

Cozy bedroom

4. Don't forget about the rug and the curtains. In order to create a natural flow in the room, you could match the color of the rug with the color of the curtains. Don't choose the big, colorful rugs that you might see in a bedroom, but pick a more traditional one that has a light shade.

5. The bedroom should be the room where you relax so don't put too much furniture and decorations. A cozy cottage bedroom should be simple and beautiful.

6. Make sure that the room you are putting together represents you. You can add things that speak about your hobbies and your personality like pictures or drawings.

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