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17 black and white bedroom designs you must see

Black and white are two of the most popular colors around the world. This classy combination is used not only in fashion but also in home design, to create beautiful, elegant rooms. One of the most important rooms in a house is of course, the bedroom.

Black and white bedroom

This is where we spend a fair amount of time, so we must find a way to bring both the comfort and the beauty in this space. If you are looking to create a chic and classy room, we suggest you try the black and white combination too. There are many ways to make this idea work, so here are some of our suggestions.

Balance is the key! In every room we must have a balance between colors, furniture and the decor. First let's talk about the colors. Make sure you bring enough black and enough white, and that one color is not overpowering the other. The furniture should be practical and not overcrowd the room, but should also look good in the space. Decorations are very important as they bring all the details together and speak a lot about your personality. If you think that the room is to black and white, add colorful decorative details like a flower vase, a rug or a painting. Introducing prints into the room can totally change the overall look. Use them on the walls (stripes) or for the bedding. The curtains can also have prints and how about a zebra painting for the wall? Also, using a patterned wallpaper will make the room more elegant and modern.

So if you have decided to create your own black and white bedroom, check out the gallery below where you will find many ideas that might inspire you.

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