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15 red bedroom designs to use as inspiration

If you would like to bring some color and some passion into your bedroom, we suggest you choose the most vibrant color of all, red. To create a perfect red bedroom you have a few options like painting the walls or buying red furniture.

First let's talk about the options of painting your walls. Red is such a strong color so the best option you have is to combine it with another color that is not that strong, like white. Other popular colors are black, gray and brown. You can also paint three walls red and one with other color for a greater contrast. Wallpaper is also a great choice, especially if also want to have some prints on your walls.

When it comes to furniture, you have many options to choose from. Also you can either buy only red furniture or you can mix and match using furniture that has another color. Don't forget about the accessories, that are essential for a great room. You can put red curtains, carpets, photo and mirror frames, pillows and flower vases.

In the end, think about creating a functional space that is also beautiful. And if you need some inspiration, please take a look at the pictures from the gallery below.

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