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Purple bathroom designs and ideas

Purple is such a special color and because it has many shades, is the perfect color to use when decorating your home. It is a color that can be successfully integrated in any room, but today we want to show you how you can use it for your bathroom.

To create the perfect purple bathroom you must remember one thing: moderation is the key. This means that you shouldn’t use to much purple or only purple, and try not to combine it with other bright colors. Since purple is already a strong color, if you want to design a delicate space, you should add a neutral color like white to bring balance into the room. Actually, white and purple is one of the most popular color combinations when it comes to bathroom designs.

If you don't like this combination or you want to do something different, you could combine some shades of purple and bring them together with the help of tiles that you put on the walls and on the floor. You can choose small tiles to create a feature wall or big ones that have a geometrical print.

Don't forget about the accessories as they are very important in every room, not only the bathroom. If you have chosen the purple and white combination, use purple decorative objects, like a rug, curtains or towels.

And if before starting to design your own purple bathroom you need some ideas and some inspiration, check out the gallery below.

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