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Modern black and white bathroom designs

If you are trying to create a bathroom that is modern, elegant, edgy and contemporary, than we suggest you go for a black and white one. Actually, designing a bathroom just like this is very simple, and as you will see in the pictures from the gallery below, the effect is amazing.

The one thing that be complicated in designing a black and white bathroom is finding the balance between these two color, and deciding if you would like to use more of one or another. White is a great choice for the walls especially if you want a room that is light and luminous. Just keep adding black or white furniture, appliances and don't forget about the decor objects like a rug, shower and window curtains or a soap dispenser for your sink.

In the gallery below we've selected just a few of our favorite ideas that we hope will also inspire you to start working on your own black and white bathroom.

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