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How to design a functional small bathroom

A small house means small rooms and one of the smallest rooms from a house can sometimes be the bathroom. Creating a functional bathroom can be pretty difficult and even more so, when the space is limited. But today we have some great ideas that will help you design a clever bathroom for you and your family.

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1. Think about the storage:

The best option you have when it comes to a small bathroom is to use open shelving. They will replace the old and big furniture bringing a more light and relaxed atmosphere. Use the open shelves for your towels or your toiletries.

Also when it comes to a small space, you need to think out of the box. Use things like wooden crates that you can stack or drill to a wall, and why not, a ladder on which you can put your towels or jewelries. Put a scrap of material under your sink and create a storage space, without having to use a cabinet.

2. Think about functionality:

In a small room, any item that is not necessary will be in your way. Bringing things that you don't need in the bathroom will only create clutter that will make things even harder. So the solution to this problem is to use only elements that are functional. Here are some examples: keep your Q-tips and cotton balls in a jar on a floating shelve and don't display to many personal products on the counters. Baskets are a great way to save space and they can be easily stacked.

3. Think about the colors:

Don't paint a small bathroom in a bright color but instead use neutral colors that will keep things calm and aesthetic. You can also use textures and patterns that will add depth and originality to the room. White is a great option for a small bathroom.

Once you have chosen the base of your bathroom, you can add some pops of color. This is very simple and is actually recommended. Paintings are usually used for this but here are some other options you might consider:

• hang colorful towels or bathrobes

• put a colorful rug on the floor

• use some colored bathroom tiles to break the monotony

• buy a colorful bathroom set for your sink

• use a colored mirror frame

As you can see, creating a chic and clever bathroom is really not that hard even when you have just a small space to work with. All you need is a little imagination. To see some great ideas on how you can create the bathroom of your dreams, please check out the gallery below!

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