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15 yellow bathroom ideas and designs you must see

Yellow is a bright and beautiful color that you can use anywhere in your house. And today I want to show you how you can use yellow to create a chic and fresh bathroom.

A yellow bathroom is pretty easy to create so here are some ideas that might help you. The secret is to bring the right amount of yellow into your bathroom and also find a color that complements the shade of yellow that you have chosen. Grey and yellow is one of the most popular choices, but you can also go for green, white, black or brown.

You can use yellow for the walls, the floor, the furniture and the decor accessories, but don't buy them all in yellow. If you paint the walls yellow or you use yellow tiles, then buy furniture and the bathroom fixtures in another color. Also you can only use small details like a shower curtain, a rug or a mirror frame to bring that yellow spot of color.

So are you ready to create the yellow bathroom of your dreams? Then here some great ideas that I hope will inspire you!

(photo source: Pinterest)

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