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14 modern vanities for your bathroom

Designing your bathroom can be very easy especially if you know what kind of style you want. The modern style has been one of the most popular in the last few years and many people are starting to choose it. And if you look at the furniture and the accessories created for the modern style you can understand why.

When it comes to modern furniture everything is very precise and elegant. The cuts are perfect and the design, even though is very simple and minimalist, it creates a special atmosphere of order and style. So if you want to create the perfect modern bathroom you are going to need modern vanities. Right now the stores offer a wide variety of modern vanities to choose from but if you can't find one that you like, you can always order them at a local carpenter.

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Finding the perfect modern vanities is not the only thing that you should do when creating your bathroom. Think very carefully about the accessories that are going to complete the room. Since the modern style is so minimalist, don't bring to many accessories and decorations. You can opt for a geometrical shaped mirror and a flower vase and let the furniture be the star.

Before you start designing your bathroom, check out the gallery below where we have gathered some great modern vanities ideas that might inspire you.

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